Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Perth Fashion Week Day 3

Notice No shoe !!!
All Kitty Grace photos from stylehunter

Well fashion week is over and I still haven't had time to post all the pictures and updates. I was a crazy weekend and I was straight back to work on Monday, tired as ever. However today's midweek public holiday is giving me a chance to, finally, do some blogging.

So lets continue where we left off. Friday night's final show was by Perth Designer Kat Grace and her label Kitty Grace. Definitely one of the better shows of the week, Kitty Grace's collection really showed that Perth can fashionably compete with her stylish cousins in Sydney and Melbourne.
The models all had slicked back pink and purple hair as they tore down the runway in sheer, metallic fabrics. Futuristic space prints graced silk dresses which were finished with a structured belt creating a feminine yet sharp look. The colours were on trend, muted pastels with a select few pieces rebelling in jewel tones of purple, pink and orange. Top marks also gores to the professional models who made it down the runway as their shoes broke left right and centre. The audience was on the edge of their seats waiting for a fall, but we were proved wrong thankfully. But the show must go on....with or without your shoes !

Day 3
 Saw One Fell Swoop, Francesa di Maria and The House of Zhivago deliver three different yet equally interesting collections.

Above phots from One Fell Swoop from

 Francesca di Maria was representing Italy in Perth's world fashion section, showcasing designers from all over the world.  The designer is from Palermo in Italy and had a huge Italian following show up for her Perth show. As a lover of Italy and having my very own Italian stallion its only fitting that I went to have a look at the Italian show. I was not disappointed. Francesca di Maria reminded me of all the things I love about Italy. Her elegance, her understated style, her appreciation of high quality and design. Her collection, to me, seemed to be inspired by a romantic Italian summer with a huge influence from the 1960s. Models hair was in loose curls with a barley there sun kissed face. Beautiful dresses , both maxi and babydoll, with lace overlay (Sicily is famous for it's lace just ask Dolce and Gabbana) added a playful innocence to a see through dress. The lengths were long but in sheer fabrics drawing your eye to the seductive under garments lying beneath (I always love the Italian woman's appreciation of great underwear). Di Maria's woman was feminine and provided a refreshing break from the bag lady chic of Mary Kate Olsen which seems to be dominating our style. It was a collection of skilled handiwork and it was clear this was a personal collection. The designer had left something of herself in each garment. One comment I have to make is that I felt the thin models didn't exactly fill out the dresses and I couldn't help but feel it needed a fuller figure a la Sophia Loren.

Following phots courtsey of perthnow

following photos courtsey of Stylehunter

Zhivago was up next with images of a lightening storm in the background. Models burst on the runway pounding down it in Balmain-esque dresses in metallics and sequins, to the sounds of heavy club tunes.The shoulders were sharp and the dresses were short short or either long and sheer. I felt this was a very young style Australian collection that showed weekend clubbing wear in Perth's more hipster areas. High waisted leather shorts and pops of neon colour worked really well in a specific colour palette of neon, white, black and grey. I would love one of the long white dresses of the is collection.  Highlight of the show for me was the hair and make-up, see thick eyebrows and knotted Mohawks, and Die Antwoord's "I think your Freeekey".

All in all I really enjoyed Saturday's shows and the night. I got to bring Lorenzo along as I nabbed us some tickets from the Italian Chamber of Commerce. I finally got to partake in the social side of the shows rather than sulking around a lone. However that being said, Friday I did meet the lovely Donna Ferreri from Style Hunter , she is an insider who covers all Perth fashion. Check her out, she is funny with fashion credentials, my favourite.

That's all for now, I will be back soon with the review of the week and a final post on the best show of the week. Stay tuned as it only gets better.
Love Dani xxx


  1. I really like the structured design combined with unusual fabrics at Kitty Grace, looks great!

    1. Kitty grace was beautiful I loved the stucture too. Thanks for your comments x

  2. Fab!! Keep up the good work!Didnt know Perth had such a vibrant fashion scene. My sister lives there but has zero interest in fashion xx Orla MOore GTI fashion

  3. Perth has way more fashion scene than I would have thought. Fab!!! Orla Moore GTI Fashion

    1. Yeah I know, I was surprised aswell, but Perth really has a growing industry. Thanks for your comments orla xx