Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Born to Die : Lana Del Rey

Finally I am back blogging! After two weeks of no internet I have missed this so much. So now I am back lets talk about my latest obsession (also seems to be a worldly obsession) Lana Del Rey.
Whether you love her or hate her you have definitely heard of her.
I first came upon her through youtube and her recent release Born to Die. The haunting tone of her voice and dark video had me glued to the screen, not since Florence and the Machine have I been  so excited about a new artist.
As a fashion lover (slave/victim, call it what you will), I was even more interested in her personal style. A mix of ghetto glamour and retro chic, I still can't seem to put one label on her style. Something new FINALLY !
Del Rey, real name Lizzie Grant, cites Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Eminem and Bob Dylan as influences. Quite a mix of genres but I guess it's all the greats of their time.
Lana Del Rey's homemade collage videos (check out video games) also add to the effects of her spooky voice. Images of Chateau Marmont, the American Flag and retro California summers flash by, mixed with Lana herself.
Many have accused Del Rey of being fake. A record company's new project even. From her suspciously big lips to Veronica Lake'd hair. I say I couldn't care less if its fake or real. Even David Bowie had his alter ego. I love the Lana Del Rey character. Who is to say whats real and whats not. Sometimes the best things are from our immagination. For me she is a musical and visual sensation, as I said before something NEW !
Style wise I see influences such as New York's Hip Hop scene, Veronica Lake, Nancy Sinatra and the sexual innocence of Lolita.
Let me know your thoughts.
Ciao for now

Sunday, 12 February 2012

City Lights

Here is a new outfit post from last night. The pictures are taken in South Perth, with a full view of the city. I decided to wear an old little black dress with lace panelling I picked up in Bebe in Santa Barbara when I spent the summer there 4 years ago, with my girlfriends.
Its a classic dress that I chose because I wanted to wear my new handmade black and leopard earrings, a perfectly chosen Christmas gift, given to me by Lorenzo's sister Marta. I got two pairs, one in black with leopard detail and the other in white with black jewel detail.
They are so beautiful. I wanted to show them off last night, so I wore my hair pulled back, the simple black dress and matched the leopard in the earrings with my leopard heels. I finished it out with my gold woven clutch.
These earrings made me think instantly of the trademarks of Italian label Dolce and Gabbana, Sicilian lace and sexy leopard. They are so beautifully handmade.
Thats all for now. You can also hype this look on lookbook

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flavour of the Month: Mary Katrantzou

Some of you may remember my first ever blog post on Hunting in Heels was on Greek born, London based designer Mary Katrantzou. I reviewed this up and coming designer along with her 2011 Spring/Summer collection. Almost one year later and Katrantzou has seemingly become designer of the moment.
Top labels and fashionistas alike (Anna dello Russo was her first famous cheerleader) have caught trompe l'oeil  fever, leading to collaborations with french heavyweight, Longchamp and English house of cool, Topshop.
Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director of her grandfathers leather goods company, Longchamp, has enlisted Katrantzou to give Longchamp's classic Pliage, foldable travel bags, a makeover. Inspired by Katrantzou's prints of first perfume bottles and then interiors, Delafontaine asked Katrantzou to design some prints based on the main collection's inspiration from Asia. Katrantzou conjured up an East meets West concept for the collaboration.The classic Pliage, for instance, has been brought to life with an exotic print of dragons, lanterns and orchids.
Out this month, I reckon the Longchamp bags are to fly off the sheleves but thats not the only thing she has got up her sleeve this month.
February also sees the release of Katrantzou's 2012 collection, the 14th of February to be exact. Having collaborated with the brand in 2011, the sneek peaks released online look even better than last year. A bit pricey for Topshop, one dress hits the £350 mark, it could be worth it for a piece for Katrantzou's designs though, only set to go up in value if you ask me. Get your other half to spluge for Valentine's day as this collection is set to be as crazy as Christopher Kane's Topshop treasures.
Katrantzou is definitely a rising star in the world of fashion. Someone who is doing things a little differently with innovative inspiration.
I can't wait to see more from her !
Let me know your thoughts on Katrantzou and her upcoming collaborations??
Love xx