Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Outfit Post: Shocking orange

There is nothing like a pop of orange to brighten up your day ! With the temperatures officially soaring here, I went straight for this light weight, stripey number. I got this dress when I was working at CUE in Australia. I loved it for its luxe/sportswear wearability and it definitely got me through some hot days in Australia.
The skirt piece is diagonally cut, so I am showing only one leg, and I think skirt slits and uneven cuts are still big right now.
I have paired it with my aeroplane style, white belt, also from another CUE dress and the shoes are Wittner (they have been on here before).
The bag is the most recent purchase, from H&M. I was so excited when I saw this boxy bag, from its modern, minimalist structure to the flashy, removable neon orange pocket. So top marks to H&M for it's edginess.
In keeping with the look, I have my matte,bright orange lipstick on and my nails painted in the same hue. Both from KIKO.

That's all for now !
Enjoy the last day of July,
Love Dani xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Travel Diary: Malta


Here are some photos from my trip to Malta, I took with my boyfriend and his family, in May. Although it was a bit chilly, the sun came out most days, so did get to explore all the little treasures this island has to offer. I love the style of the buildings, which seemed to me, to be a mix of Arabic and European style. There were some beautiful little fishing villages, that had all these colourful boats, docked at shore. We also got to visit the Blue Grotto and even though it was cloudy, the water was a clear turquoise blue. My favourite place was Mdina, which had the eerie feeling of an abandoned ghost town.
I didn't have much time for outfit posting, but I did manage to get one in just before heading out to dinner.

That's all for now,
Hope you enjoy the pictures,
Love Dani xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It runs in the family: Mother and daughter style

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that's especially great if your tree looks like Jerry Hall ! I am a big fan of mother daughter style. In the case of Elizabeth and Georgia Jagger it was very unlikely that they were going to turn out to be unfortunate looking, or being described in general conversation as "having a great sense of humour". Because when your dad is Mick Jagger and your mum is the leggy Texan blond, Jerry Hall, your DNA could be (should be) bottled and sold !
Lizzie Jagger, as her friends call her (i.e. ME !) is a model (obviously) and spookily is a mirror image of her mother, but a brunette version. Georgia on the other hand is all about the full lips, (see thanks Daddy) the resemblance with her mother is definitely there, in the blond tresses alone. Together they are the perfect examples of the ideal offspring, when music royalty and high fashion meet.
Ahh to be a Jagger !

This will be a first in an continuing instalment of Mother/Daughter post, there are many more out there, so stay tuned for the next post. Leave any other examples below in the comments.

That's all for now,
Love Dani xx