Monday, 27 May 2013

Outfit post: Checkered Jacket

This is an outfit post with one of my favourite Spring/Summer purchases, the black and white checkered jacket from Zara. I loved Marc Jacobs' collection for Louis Vuitton so much, so my heart stopped when I saw this version from Zara. There was a skirt to match, but it was too big for me and put together with the jacket, my small frame seemed swamped, by too much pattern. However if it is in the sale I might give in and get it altered to fit better.
It is such a beautifully cut jacket and I loved that it is slightly cropped, so it is not too long for me, which is a problem I usually have with jackets.
I paired it with the faux leather, bottle green top (also from Zara), jeans and my mod style, burgundy  boots, from Massimo Dutti. The furry bag, which resembles a cat, is from H&M and it is starting to get to hot to wear!
These were taken on another day trip, outside Rome. The sun was shining and I thought the location was perfect for some pictures.

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Love Dani xx

Monday, 20 May 2013

Blogger Inspiration: Betty Autier

All photos taken from Le Blog de Betty

Next up on the Blog Roll is Betty Autier from Le Blog de Betty.
This Paris native is an ambassador for young French style and is based in Paris.
Betty's carefree style is quirky and and definitely unique. She has the messy effortlessness forever associated with french style. She never looks over styled and mixes high end designer pieces with high street labels such as Asos and Topshop.
Her look seems achievable and her photos seem spontaneous. She doesn't not pout or pose awkwardly a la so many lookbookers. She pulls funny faces and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously.
Her Blog makes for interesting reading, as she always seems to be travelling the world, promoting her quirky french style.

Check out her blog here

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Outfit Post: Small Town Life

"A true journey consists not of finding new places but of having new eyes"

The Wizard of Oz store, aptly named for all the treasures it holds inside

Sometimes things can get so manaic, living in a city like Rome. So it's always great to get away to the countryside and see something other than stampedes of tourists and escape from the nightmare that is finding parking.
These photos were taken a few weeks back, when I went with Lorenzo to visit Orvieto. It was orignally a work related trip for him, but we decide to make it into a day trip, enjoying a long afternoon lunch and exploring this little Italian town. It's pride is the overwhelming Duomo that is equally as beautiful inside as it is outside. So charming was the town, I grabbed the opportuntiy to take some pictures for the blog.
I am wearing a Sports Girl Knit, which I love the colour of with a neon necklace from H&M. Then my trusty jeans with rolled up end, to show off my snake printed, multi-coloured boots.

I hope you enjoy them !!

That's all for now,
Love Dani xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Links a la Mode: May 9th

Hi everyone !

Check out this weeks Links a la Mode ! Hunting in Heels was chosen as one of the best posts for my piece on Designer Uniforms !
I am really happy, as I always check out the post selected here every week. It is a great place to make blogging friends and find some great new blogs. Another reason is because it really encourages the idea of writing, rather than just posting looks, where even some of the biggest bloggers fail. I know I prefer having something witty to read along with great pictures !
Anyways check out the others who were selected below, and if your a blogger join up to IFB now !!


Gift of Glamour

With all the dazzle of this week's Met Gala and the upcoming excitement of the Great Gatsby, this summer is going to be all about glam. Between dressing up, dazzling flapper beading, maxi dresses, it's a sure hit to doll it up during the most casual of months. This week's roundup has just about everything you need to know about looking fabulous, how to find the best deals in most unexpected places and how to shop on the go (without even going into a store.) That's just what we need to get some more outdoor time.

Links à la Mode: May 9th

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Instagram photos

Here are some more of my Instagram photos. You can follow me @huntinginheels 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Designer Uniforms

Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic
Italian Carabineri uniforms by Valentino

Italian Carabineri uniforms by Valentino
Nazi uniforms produced by Hugo Boss

Olympic uniforms for Great Britain by Stella McCartney

Giorgio Armani Team Uniforms for Italian Olympic Team

Prada look for Italian Olympic Sailing team

Ralph Lauren for American Olympic Team

Korean Air uniform by Gianfranco Ferre

Sephora beauty assistants in uniforms by Prabal Gurung

At times I wonder to myself, whether our childhoods, have had anything to do with our fashion choices today? I am not speaking about a traumatic experience or psychological influence, where those from ''broken homes'' are more likely to prefer stripes to those from a more ''secure'' family environment opting for floral prints!
Apart from the obvious influences, of fashion trends of the decade (hello 90s fluro shell suits) and country specific necessities (in my case the rain coat in Ireland), what other possible outside factors could be in play?

I have always maintained, that being one of three sisters, had a huge impact on my interest in fashion. With three years between each of us, my mother decided to dress us all the same....all the time. If there wasn't three of it, we didn't have it. I guess I feel worse for my youngest sister, who got handed down our versions seeing it through from new to vintage. Our similar haircuts didn't help. Luckily the suffragettes of the nineties (see Spice up your life) allowed my 10 year old self, to put my foot down and say no to conformism and yes to individuality !
However apart from this '' life shaping'' moment of my young life, I consider that one of the reasons that both I and my sisters are so interested in fashion and have such diverse styles, is also down to the 12 years of school uniform wearing days. On a scale of bad to good, I would put ours at around 6. It wasn't so much the itchy wool navy jumper, light blue and check shirt or the stiff pleated navy skirt that bothered me. Thinking back it was great not having to pick out what to wear every morning and considering it was an all girls school there was no pimpled faced heartthrob to impress. The frustration came with the lack of individuality one was afforded in it. Oh yes we tried, with multi-coloured hair clips, matching our thickly painted on eyeshadow. But even with our shoes having to be black and our jacket having to be navy, there wasn't much room for improvement.

In the adult world, some professions require uniforms. They are professions which I have steered clear from, possibly because of the uniform aspect, considering I hate the colours navy and light blue now and forever! However saying that fashion is the antithesis to the uniform would be wrong, as the world of uniforms have their own unique ties to the fashion world.

Vivienne Westwood has recently signed on to design the new Virgin Atlantic uniforms, using Eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable fabric.The signature red uniforms will have "a futuristic look, which references her enduring interest in 1940s French couture cutting techniques as well as the Savile Row tailoring heritage."
However Westwood isn't the first to designer to intervene and try and revive the uniform's boring reputation.
Italian Carabineri (one of the many types of police in Italy) have uniforms designed by Valentino.
Hugo Boss was the supplier of uniforms to the Nazi's during the Second World War and is responsible for that ''Brown'' shirt!
The Olympics last summer saw Stella McCartney design the uniforms for the Great Britain, Giorgio Armani designed the Italian team's uniform, with Prada looking after the sailing team. While Ralph Lauren designed the look for the American tteam.
The Korean Air uniforms are designed by Gianfranco Ferre and Sephora's beauty advisers are decked out in Prabal Gurung.

Considering this I wouldn't mind signing up for a 'uniform' job, especially one designed by Westwood or McCartney ! As long as it's not NAVY or LIGHT BLUE !

What are your thoughts on the uniform ?

That's all for now !
Love Dani xx