Thursday, 31 October 2013

Outfit Post: How to wear the luxe sweater

Hi all !
Here is a new outfit post, with one of my most coveted birthday gifts. This furry front sweater in blue and black is from ZARA and was the first piece I loved when their new collection came out, for Autumn.
Following the 'IT' Sweater trend, it is furry in the front thus making it more luxe than a normal sweater. I have to say I am loving the luxe sweater look, it equals comfort and style, which is a win win, especially with winter just around the corner.
As you can see this one is a short sleeve version, which I can still pull off here in Rome, because the weather is still quite warm during the day. The fabric is thick, so it is warmer than it seems.
I paired it with my (faux) leather skirt from TRF ZARA, my burgundy Chelsea boots from Massimo Dutti, my go to gold chain wrapped around three times, my knuckleduster snake ring and my ornate little bag, a steal from the ZARA, at the Christmas sale last year. It looks so one of a kind, I always get compliments on it.
I am off to London on Saturday for a couple of days to see some friends. I am already nervous as to what weather awaits me and how I will pack my little carry on for Ryanair !

Let me know what you think of this look and if you are embracing the luxe sweater ?
Love Dani xx

Monday, 28 October 2013

How to wear: Thigh's the limit

If there is a trend that has really got be me all hot and bothered this season, it would have to be the thigh high boot. Whether in leather, suede or even PVC, I have this overwhelming desire to cut my fringe and embrace the bohemian, rock groupie look as seen at Emilo Pucci's Autumn/Winter 2013 show.
There is something so sexy ( I even thought I hate using this word) about a boot that goes over the knee, paired with a short (short) dress leaving only a sliver of skin on show.
The thigh high can be intimidating to a mini person like me. This is when the thigh high for your average lady becomes waist high for me, resembling more those baggy fishing wellies for wading in water. I reckon as smaller ladies, we should look for the over the knee boot, which for us will work at thigh length.

Here are the important things to remember when embracing this trend:
  1. PVC is IN ! But stick to black to avoid getting hailed down on street corners on your night out.
  2. Fashion is still in favour of the pointed shoe, so keep your look fresh with a pointed version.
  3. Avoid a stiletto heel or anything too high, (see point number 2). Going with a chunkier, block heel is definitely an updated version this look.
  4. Do pair it with a short dress or shorts, but nothing too tight. Keep the attention on the boots with just a sliver of skin on show, between boot and dress/shorts.
  5. Make sure they are tight to the leg, for that long, leggy silhouette. A baggy version will leave you resembling more like Robin Hood. 
I am currently on the look out for a great pair of thigh highs, so if you've seen them, tell me !Let me know your thoughts on this style, will you embrace it ? or how are you wearing it?

That's all for now,
Love Dani xx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Outfit post: Let's get cropped

Hi all !
Well it is officially sweater weather here in Rome, but I am not feeling so bad about it as it allows me to jump on the cropped sweater trend. Unlike the cropped top trend of summer, this is a bit more open to all. I do not have the 6 pack required for the original crop top, that's still a work in progress, but I figured I could embrace the trend this winter with layering.
This sweater is from ZARA (where else you say !) it was not very expensive around 16 euros, but it gives any look an instant update. I paired it over this animal print shirt, from my working days at CUE in Australia. It is one of the printed items in my wardrobe I consider a basic. Strange I know, as prints are the first thing to age in our wardrobes. However with it's grey and white palette and crisp cut it works both in minimalist look and is more out there when paired with other prints.
The track pants are ZARA as are the boots. The boots were part of my birthday gift from Lorenzo. I love them as they reminded me of the thick square heel Balenciaga did and their pointy toe is also a an instant style up date.
Over all I feel this outfit is full of basics and that's what I am trying to do with my wardrobe. Fill it with basics so that they can be worn again and again. Same goes for the colour palette.
That's all for now.
Let me know what you think of this look ?
Love Dani xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Trending: Isabel Marant for H&M


Hi all !
So the day is getting closer and I am sure you are all sharpening your fashion claws with the hopes of getting your hands on at least one thing, from Isabel Marant's exceptional collection for H&M. I must say, personally, I think this is the best collaboration with a designer H&M has ever done.
Isabel Marant is the chic, yet slightly boho, French label that captures French street style at it's best. It is casual and put together while at the same time, being luxurious and effortless.
Part boho, peasant blouses and ethnic embroidery are staples, but some great androgynous coats and blazers are not only on trend this season but also wardrobe staples.
Here are some of the looks for the campaign, along with my favourite pieces. I want an ethnic jumper, the heavily embroidered jacket, the wool tuxedo blazer, the classic slouchy pointed boots and those lace up leather trousers. Is that all you say ??!!
I know in the past, the price tag on  pieces created in the designer collaborations have raised an eyebrow or two, but I think this collection is definitely worth living without hot water for.. Some great staples and true to the designer pieces.

These images were taken from British Vogue, where you can see all the other pieces. Click Here.
And check out an interview with Marant about her collaboration for H&M below.

That's all for now,
What are your thoughts on the collection ?
Love Dani xx