Friday, 6 April 2012

The Naked Dress

So its the weekend. There you are in the club/bar looking immaculate (well you should be after three hours of prepartion). Your hair is glossy and perfectly coiffed, your new, on trend ,bright lipstick seems to be behaving it's self i.e. staying on your lips rather than on your wine glass and the new dress you spent your rent money on is hugging in all the right places. To the rest of the world you're efforlessly glamorous, poised and radiant.
The reality is underneath your air of nonchalant cool your Bridget Jones knickers are riding up, your tight dress is crushing your ribs and that radiance is merely you turning slowly blue due to the lack of oxygen arriving to your head. But nobody else sees that. Thank God you say.

 However imagine if on seeing your latest man of the minute that your palms go sweaty and your heart starts racing, causing your dress to go transparent. Kind of kills the idea of leaving something to the immagination (that good saying your mother used to shout behind you as you tottered of in the night in your tight dress and skyscraper heels).

Intimacy 2.0, the latest creation by Dutch designer Daan Roosengaarde sets to change the way we wear clothes and how we interact with them. He and his team at Studio Roosengaarde have developed high tech garments that merge the relationship between intimacy and technology. Made out of opaque and smart e-foils "that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people."
They have created "wearable" dresses of leather, e-foils, wireless technologies, electronics, LEDS, copper and other media, that respond to the heartbeat and are described as "daringly perfect to wear on the red carpet." I am not sure how this one would translate to the red carpet. Who would wear it ? Lady Gaga springs to mind, Nicki Minaj perhaps??

The Studio's head designer Daan Roosengaarde has a background in both architecture and art and his aim is to explore the realtionship between people, space and technology. He wants to create interactive designs that respond to sound and movement.
He calls his merging of the viewer and space "techno-poetry." Studio Roosengaarde is said to be currently selecting Haute Couture designers to collaborate on the next Intimacy dress.John Galliano springs to and technology than that would be a winner !

I think that the intimacy dress has a long way to go before it becomes wearable. However I am excited about the creation of interactive fashion where fashion and it's wearer interact.
All the images are from their website which you can access by clicking here

Let me know your thoughts.
Love Dani xx


  1. That is the most interesting thing I've read in a while! Who knows if they develop this idea a few years down the line we could have interactive clothes!

    1. Thanks for the comment Sernea. Looking forward to reading more from you and your blog with your exciting journey ahead. Love dani xx

  2. Woah, you would need to be pretty brave to wear one of those out! You have to admire the design though, they are very impressive - could be seen as a piece of art. Art that leads to hypothermia at 3am mind....

    1. Thanks Katie for your comment. I have to agree with you that this dress lies more on the side of art than actual fashion. But it is exciting to see the possible developments for the future. As for the hypothermia maybe he can install heating powers in the that could be an idea??!!
      Love dani xx