Saturday, 14 April 2012

Judging a book by its Fashionable Cover !

My favourite; Lolita

Above clutches are all taken from Net-A-Porter website

Asos Clutch

It's time, my fellow bloggers, that I own up to something. A past I have kept hidden. I may appear to be all leopard heels and designer names but there is somehting I must tell you. I am a closeted geek !

I spent most of my childhood with my head in a book, reading about children battling the great plague, the second world war or tuberculosis (I had a fetish for history). Most popular cartoons of the 1990's? Couldn't tell you !

The truth is fashion and geekdom have met, shared some moments and then went their seperate ways, several times throughout the years. Fashion created the trend Geek Chic (afterall you couldn't just leave it at geek, it had to be improved). We did have Marc Jacobs on our side for a while, but even he hung up his glasses in favour of a gym membership, trading wallflower cool for obvious sexy.
Fashion and intellectualism are just two different worlds right?? However one new must have accessory is challenging that idea.

Olympia-Le-Tan, is a french designer that has me considering the idea of selling my kidney for one of her book clutch bags. Having worked with Chanel and Balmain, she is a favourite new fashion discovery.
Le-Tan has taken the book covers of some of the worlds most famous books and has embroidered them in canvas. The smart clutches are finished with sleek gold frames and Liberty fabric linings. Each design is limited to 16 pieces (16 as that is Le-Tan's birthday, 16th of October) with the "first edition" being handmade by Le-Tan herself.

Le-Tan recently participated in an installation at Florence's Museo Bellini entitled Sei borsette in cerca d'autore (six books insearch of an author).The installation was inspired by Italian books and films with the room decorated with images of recreated scenes from iconic Italian movies, taken by American photographer Max Farago. Click here for an interview with Le-Tan by Italian fashion journalist Anna Battista.

Unfortunately these clutches are a little too pricey for my pocket, however I did find an attempt at a high street version. Good old ASOS.
For more check out Olympia's website here

Thats all for now,
Let me know your thoughts,
Dani xx

The following photos are from Anna Battista's website

Fellini's La Strada

Tilda Swindon

I Promessi Sposi


  1. I loveee Olympia! Great post x

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I have just seen you blog and I am in love with it. I love the background sketches. Can't wait to read more from you xx

  3. Those book clutches are so clever! I have never seen those before. That is what I love about the blogging world....You learn something new every day!


    1. thanks so much for your comments amy xx

  4. I am such a bookworm... Loving these

  5. I love these!! Did you see the 'Misfits' book clutch Michelle Williams had at the Oscars? So great. Love this post :) I would also sell a kidney for that Valley of the Dolls clutch.

    1. thanks katie for your comments. I didnt see MW with the the misfits clutch. Going to check it out now ! Love x