Saturday, 21 April 2012

Perth Fashion week 2012

This week saw the launch of Perth Fashion Week 2012 and Hunting in Heels was lucky enough to get a media pass to view all the shows.
Taking place in Perth's Convention Centre, the shows began on Thursday 19th of April, showcasing the best of WA's fashion industry, along side some of the world's newest up  and coming designers.

The following photos from Ruth Tarvydas are from well known perth blogger check out on this link

 Day One
Malaysian designer Melinda Looi kicked off the event with her Good vs Evil themed show. The show was divided in two parts with the first section paying homage to her Asian heritage. The models were dressed in oriental style garb in a palette of red, black and gold. Wide brimmed basket hats adorned their heads while a bow was a popular choice of embellishment. The models seemed like warriors in their sharp styling and yet their Geisha made up faces added a softer element.
The second part of the show began with a haunting video of international news reports on world tragedies from war torn countries to natural disasters. Looi's models came as a breath of fresh air as they poured onto the catwalk in all white. From warriors to angels there was a distinct change in inspiration. Delicate fabrics of jewelled lace and sheer metallics added a burst of light after the darkness. Doves and birdcages crowned their heads in a reference again to a theme of peace.

Next up was Ruth Tarvydas, popular WA icon. As a tourist in Perth I had no idea what I was in for at the next show. As I waited patiently outside to get in (it was 1 hour late in true fashion style) I got a taster of what I was in for. Most of the show's guests were adorned in dresses of sequins. I hadn't see this many sequins since a Jersey Shore episode. As you can imagine I was a little afraid of what was to come. However it wasn't as bad as I feared. Tarvydas produced a collection of evening dresses, most of them including some sequins, after all what is a dress without sequins???!! Not exactly my taste, however I can see why she is acclaimed with a celebrity following. Her dresses will definitely make you stand out, no back, no front, all'll definitely get noticed.

Day Two
Western Australian School of Art and Design graduate Garth Cook. A love of Parisan couture has influenced this designer in his cut of fabric and carefully structured garments. Having interned under Marios Schwab and Husam el Odeh, Cook definitely was a cut about the rest. His collection was simple and on trend with his modern prints. It was faultless to the point of boring. I had heard this would be one of the best shows to see and was honestly a little disappointed. I expected a litte more. Beautifully wearable, I felt I had seen it all before.

Next up was the House of Zaccaria, the Perth based label of Noeleen Radalj-Zaccaria and Tiffany Spencer.  There was one dress in metallic with squared peplums that was the highlight of the show for me. After that it was a "pretty girls" collection. Sweet dresses, short and maxi in bold colours of purple, pinks and green were the order of the day. The collection then took a turn for monochrome black and white and then on  to nudes finishing with just two red dresses. I was a bit confused where the designers were going with the colour selections and I just didn't feel any flow.

So far my favourite has been Melinda Looi, top marks for theme, creativity and design !
More today and tomorrow, its not over yet !
Stay tuned for more
Love xxx

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  1. LOVE your outfit Dani!! The photos look amazing especially the action shots, can't wait for your next update!

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