Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The best of Perth Fashion Week: Furne One

The following Furne One photos are by Style Voyager for Perth Now

 Well here it is, the last (and I think the best) show from Perth Fashion Week. Sorry it has taken me so long to get it up here. Life seems to have intervened at every opportunity to make me busier than ever. But now I am here lets get down to it.

Sunday was the last day and night of Perth Fashion week. it showcased mainly international designers. One out shone them all and was, in my opinion, the highlight of Perth Fashion Week 2012

Furne One is the Dubai label which has celebs like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga fighting over its glamazon designs. I feel I can't fully explain in words the beauty of the dresses I saw on Sunday...but I'll try. These dresses, from the Matahari collection, were jewel encrusted from head to toe. Models sparkled as they sashayed robotically down the runway in puffy blonde wigs and gigantic earrings to match the dresses. The clothes seemed to be of another world. I can only imagine how much one cost. I feel my description is worthless, so I will let you drool over the pictures. I can honestly say this was the best fashion show I have ever been too. The energy in the room was electric and the audience went crazy as the models did their final walk on the runway. I feel so lucky to have seen live such a great show.
Let me know what you think ?
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Love Dani xx


  1. Very interesting collection and you look fabulous!

  2. @ Diana, thanks fort the sweet comment xx