Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pretty in Pink: My Pink Obsession

Hi all !
Sorry for the lack of posting on my behalf. I recently got a very exciting new job, as a Fashion PR Assistant, here in Rome, so that has been taking up most of my time. However I hope I am back on track, and I also should have a new outfit post coming by the weekend.
In the meantime here is a little insight into my rose coloured world. I am obsessed by pink as of late. I would never have considered myself a girly girly and I can't think of one thing I own that's pink. However this pink coat trend of winter has me salivating over the lookbook ladies and their sweet coloured outerwear. So much so I took to pinterest in a pink pinning frenzy only to end up buying a pink coat. It's a site I have never used, but I hope it will turn up eventually.
I am very excited to embrace this trend. Because it is such a light colour, I reckon it is perfect for upcoming Spring as well.
What are your thoughts on Pink ? Love it  or avoiding it like the black plague?

That's all for now,
Dani xx

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