Monday, 4 November 2013

Outfit Post: It's all about the shoes

Hi all !
I am a firm believer in 'it's all about the shoes', see blog title ! The beginning of an outfit, often starts with my feet, what shoes do I want to wear and how everything else is going to work around them. Recently my shoe collection has been crowning, so much so I have shoes in the closet, on my shelves and under the bed. Next thing I know they will be in the bed !
I like to keep my shoes in boxes, safe and protected, unlike my clothes, which I fire on a chair every night. And that's where they remain, until the chair starts to lean a bit too far to the right, screaming save me!
That's when they get 'neatly' folded away, and the process begins all over again.
However with my shoes neatly stacked in boxes, but admittedly in various locations, I do forget where they are, and what I even have. Prime example are these beauties, which I got online from ZARA, during the summer as I didn't see them in the shop here. I first saw them when ELLE magazine posted a picture from their closet. I knew I had to have them. They have got a few summer outings, but it's starting to get too cold to wear open sandals, so they will have to retreat their box soon enough.
Here I have paired them with my Wang inspired top from ZARA , leather look pants, spike necklace and  I am working the over the shoulder coat look, with this black sparkle coat all from Primark/Pennys.

What do you think of this look ?
That's all for now,
Love Dani x


  1. good

  2. LOVE! Have been coveting those shoes for some time. x


    1. Thanks Aisling, I don't like to play favourites with my shoes, but these are definitely top of the list x

  3. aww the outfit is so adorable.Love it to the core. New post on my blog, i'd love it if u stop by. :)

  4. great pants ! <3

  5. Very chic!!! The shoes are amazing!!!