Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fashion Tribes: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014


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Hi all !
While preparing my long over due Spring/Summer Paris 2014 collection post, I was mesmerised by Sarah Burton's tribal collection for Alexander McQueen. I usually try to summarise each collection into three photos/looks, just to give you a taste of the major themes. However I decided that this collection was unsummarisable (not sure if that's even a word !)
Burton's collection seemed to be inspired by tribal Africa with some references, including the shoes, to Roman gladiators. The clothes were beautifully beaded armour with feather and hairy add ons. The lines were linear and boxy with some fuller skirts being the exception. This structure gave it a futuristic edge, along with the sleek rounded helmets.
When I think of McQueen, I usually think English classic, with a twist. I think structured jackets with Victorian reserve. However, although the structure remains, this is a new direction for McQueen. I would have never imagined them ever doing tribal. The colours and effortless combination of themes makes me excited for the future of this label.
What do you think of this collection ?

Check out this video from for more on this collection

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  1. This is absolutely amazing!
    No surprise though, Sarah Burton is a genius!
    I love the little feather add ons and the shoes are crazy!

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