Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Karl Collection

Collection Releas Paris

IPad 2 users London (photo courtesy of Grazia Magazine)

Karl Lagerfeld. This name is well known to even those not into the fashion scene. His public persona is almost as famous as his designer profile. He is an artist, photographer, fashion designer and even after 8 decades, couture collections, two RTW lines and a publishing house his creative well of a mind has still not ceased to dry up!
He has been designing for Chanel longer than Coco herself did and has also set trends at Charles Jourdan, Valentino, Fendi and Chloe.
His latest collection, a lower priced range of clothing based on his own style staple of black and white basics, is in collaboration with the website NET-A-PORTER and has been filling my inbox with countless emails on the countdown. However the day has finally arrived and the collection was released on the 25th of this month with huge openings in Paris (Karl himself was present) New York, London, Berlin and Sydney.
Lagerfeld has always been in the know, keeping up with the fast paced technology obsessed youth of today. Pop-up windows in such key locations allowed Karl lovers to link up there iPad 2s and IPhones with the NET-A-PORTER KARL app by scanning products appearing on screen.
Finally there is the opportunity to own a bit of Karl in your life ( at bargain prices too!)
The collection is based on Karl's own signature style of black and white basics, with some metallic pieces and a Rock and Roll edge.
 You can now get your hands on some tres chic biker gloves, (very Lagerfeld) or perhaps a leather collar is the way to go to pay tribute  to such a genius. I have had my eye on the faux leather pleated skirt and t-shirts with personally drawn designs by Karl. However many things have sold out with the smaller sizes in t-shirts being non-exsistent :( However I hope they get more in so I can grab one !
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Check out the collection for yourself here

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