Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Alexander Wang: A man who understands women

All images from style.com

Alexander Wang was playing with fire last Saturday, when he dragged the glamorous, well heeled New York fashion industry out to Brooklyn, the space was a Duggal Greenhouse. It left a lot of fashion goers saying "this better be good!"
Wang's Fall 2014 collection was definitely worth crossing the bridge for, that being said, had I got an invitation I would of swam the Atlantic, while being chased by hungry sharks, just to be there, never mind a measly bridge!

The model's powered down the runway, with stern faces, clearly on a mission to get where they were going. Urban warriors are what they reminded me of, with Ken doll hair!
The clothes were sleek and the influence of modern sports wear was ever present, if not a little more luxe this time. Suede coats with uneven hems and oversized shearling coats that actually looked warm, seemed to predict the Polar Vortex that is currently thrashing the East coast. The possibility of actually being warm, while looking cool was just one of the elements of practicality that Wang tapped into.

Wang seems to understand the women of the 21st Century well and he let us know by giving us pockets. Yes that's right, pockets and lots of them. You see a bag is not enough. Between iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, cigarettes, lipstick, tampons, metro cards, sunglasses, umbrellas, ballerina flats.....there was a pocket for each one. The 21st Century girl, runs from her house to work, to yoga to drinks with friends, catches a movie and then crashes for her essential 8 hours, after cleansing, toning and moisturising of course, only to do it all again, the next day. There was an enviable energy infused in each piece.

In the end the Wang girl is a warrior of the urban concrete jungle. The styling is sleek yet bulky, but it is in the details that she finds her armour. Sharp pointed boots, rising above the knee. Heavily padded jackets and and a hidden neck. Base colours of pavement grey and muddy brown fought with pops of cobalt blue, neon pinks and yellows. And as if she were a secret superhero, the Wang girl came to life at the end of the show, her all black exterior, transformed by heat sensitive leather, which revealed laser cut designs in a spectrum of neon colours.
Alexander Wang gave us everything we wanted and never knew we needed and that is why, and I don't say this lightly, he is the only man who understands the 21st Century Woman.

What are your thoughts?

Love Dani xx


  1. I think he probably does, but it certainly is a generation fashion game. Personally I think it's for a 21 century girls, but not women, I mean, grown-ups. But it's just my opinion. Great review, though! x

    1. Thanks for your opinion Natalia. I definitely see where you are coming from xx

  2. love the shoes so much!! but models could look a little bit happier ;)
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  3. Thanks so much for commenting Juliet xx

  4. Great review! I have always been a fan of Alexander Wang and this collection is no exception. However I do have to point out that the black and yellow chevron sweater dress kind reminds me of a grown up version of Charlie Browns top from the Peanuts.

    1. Hi Christina! Thanks for commenting and you do have a point about that sweater! xx

  5. Very nicely written article! Quite frankly those aren't pieces that everyone would wear running errands. But he accurately portrays modern day warriors which is absolutely genius!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your opinion x

  6. Great post + I think its for a different type of 21st century woman (I wouldn't mind being!). So glad Alexander Wang stepped out the box and moved his show to Brooklyn seeing as how Brooklyn is seriously growing and stepping out of the shadow of Manhattan when it comes to being the place to hold fashion shows, awards shows etc.

    Oh That's Nik