Friday, 9 August 2013

Trending: The Pixie Cut


Natalie Portman

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jean Seberg

Mia Farrow

Winona Ryder


Audrey Hepburn

Emma Watson

Web gossip sites and social media have been buzzing about Beyonce's post of her new pixie cut. It is a drastic change for the starlet, who is famous for her long flowing tresses. The reason behind the chop is still unknown. They say that when a woman is going through a big change in her life, she heads straight to her hairdresser for a new 'do ! The Pixie crop could be a sign of a desire for liberation. However it is not an easy look to pull off and it definitely exposes more of you to the world. Perhaps it is a reference to not having anything to hide ?
Or then again maybe Jay-Z and B rented Sliding Doors for a night in front of the telly and Gwyneth's blonde pixie crop caught B's eye ?!
Who knows ? I myself admire any woman who embraces this look, after all  there is no going back, even though hair does grow ! Check out the photos above, of some of my favourite Pixie Cuts and the women who rocked them.
Let me know what you think ? Have you embrace this look or would you ?

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