Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blogger Inspiration: Angela Scanlon

It has been a while that I have wanted to create a blog roll, of all my favourite bloggers. When I am fashion prowling on-line, I always come across some great new bloggers/fashion inspiration sites.One leads me to another and another and before I know it, I have forgotten where I started. For this reason I want to take the time to start building a list of my favourite blogs/websites, where I actually read the content, rather than just perve on the pictures.

I am starting with Irish blogger, TV presenter, fashion writer and stylist Angela Scanlon. Now I know us Irish have a tendency of promoting each other and sticking together, as few in numbers we may be, but I have to say, Angela being Irish, is only a bonus for me. Regardless of nationality, this girl has style !

Angela has been dubbed the new Alexa Chung, which is a huge compliment obviously ! But what does this mean ? Well from watching some of the videos featured on her site, I guess it means she was born with that effortless style, that some of us take hours to achieve, and that she has personality. She has bucket loads of charisma, is funny and personable. The more and more I read her posts, I think, "Hey Angela, want to be best friends ? '" Best friends meaning I will have full access to your closet and those matching patterned suit combos, you so easily pull off !

One of my favourite features of her website is called 'Rants'. Here she posts some inspiring fashion images, along with 'Rants' on her daily life happenings. One of my favourite recent posts, features a description on a flight with a well known low cost airline. I felt I was reading a facebook mail from a close friend, rather than the post of a complete stranger! It was really hilarious and I could completely relate to it.

As an occasional blogger (with good intentions to improve) I am inspired most by people who are brave, so much so that they open up their world to others. I am trying to be more brave, with fashion choices and even life choices, in general. So what I am taking from Angela and her site is, be more BRAVE, in both fashion choices and life choices. Laugh about life more, after all quote " If you picked the wrong shoes you're not going to die !" Check out the video below from My Daily Fashion Priest and her interview with them.

That's all for now !
Check out Angela's website now !
Love Dani xx

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