Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mercato Monti post for Ramp1885

Here is a post I did for Ramp1885

One of my favourite Sunday outings, is a trip to Rome’s Monti district. It is bursting with quaint cafes, vintage stores and little art galleries. It is especially wonderful in winter, to wander around the narrow streets, grabbing  a slice of pizza, while on a mission to find a cosy bar and a big glass of red wine, to help  warm you up.
Almost every Sunday’s, there is the Mercato Monti (Monti Market), which is a great place to get away from that winter chill outside. My equivalent to Aladdin’s cave, antique jewellery sparkles along side funky handmade iPad covers, in rare, tweed fabrics. You can find the talented designs of local Rome artists, such as guitar picks fashioned into earrings and rings and old Levi jeans cropped, studded and printed, each in a unique way.
 t’s the perfect place to find that vintage, designer handbag you have always dreamed of or even a quirky gift to bring home, for the friend who already has everything!

In a way, Mercato Monti, is a good representation of Rome. The old standing along with the new. Rome is thousands of years old, but it continues to amaze, both tourists and Romans alike. It is an ancient beauty, in a modern world.

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