Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vogue's Night Out Rome 2012


Ludovica Gioscia at Stella McCartney

Louis Vuitton

Here are some over due photos from Vogue Fashion Night Out in Rome, 13th of September 2012.
Unfortunately my camera at the time wasn't great at the night, however that should be improving with a bellissima birthday gift from Lorenzo, a brand new hi tech camera !
Hopefully will have more pictures with that one soon.
Highlights of the night included seeing Francesca Sozzani in Piazza del Popolo and Ludovica Gioscia personalising the Farabella bag at Stella McCartney, with her unusual designs.
That night I wore a vintage brocade skirt I picked up in Perth, a sheer black shirt with leather collar and cuffs from Max & Co and black suede boots from SportsGirl. Accessories included my vintage crocodile clutch with dragon clasp and tiger necklace from Kenneth Lane, a gift from my Mum.

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Hope you enjoy the photos !
Let me know what you think,
Love Dani xx


  1. Your skirt!!!! LOVE!!! You look fab!