Monday, 11 June 2012

Blogger Spotlight: On my skin

Continuing on the theme of bloggers who inspire me, here is my latest inspiration Karin Velikonja. I recently discovered her when I joined ASOS' outfits and looks section.
I have posted some of my favourite looks of hers above. For me she has great personal style and still is on trend. I would describe her style as classic, feminine, colourful and trendy.
How would she describe herself? Find out for yourself by reading below :) Karin was kind enough to answer some questions for me.
Tell us about you. Who are you? Where are you from?
Hello there. My name is Karin and I come from small but lovely country - Slovenia. :)
Can you describe your style?
Trendy, sometimes classic but most of all elegant.

Why and when did you start blogging?
I've just recently opened my blog. I was a bit sceptic about the whole "opening thing" at first, but I just felt a strong need to express my style and my own look on fashion. And if I help someone to get some new idea with that my job is done.:)

For you what is great style?
Knowing your body, and your personality enough to dare to express it through different combinations is the best thing you can do. Great style has a person who observes trends but at the end stays truthful to her/himself and always keeps elegance. It's all about being elegant and classy.

Do you have any particular style icons that you look to for inspiration?
Since I was little I have always admired my mum's style and she really is my biggest inspiration. I'm so glad that we're the same size so I often find myself searching for pieces in her closet.:) 
Style icons that I admire: Olivia Palermo and Ana Dello Russo.

Do you have any other favourite blogs or what makes a good blog for you?
 I always love to take some time for myself and searching through my favourite blogs while drinking coffee always fills me up with energy and new ideas. One of the most inspiring blogs to me is Atlantic - Pacific. I just love Blair's style and her way of combining different materials and prints that seem hard to match on the first sight. Even though I don't think our style is very similar I still love her uniqueness and grace.

How is fashion part of your daily life? Is it something you would like to work in?
Everywhere I look I see fashion and no, I'm not obsessed with it. For me clothes aren't just clothes, they're much more than that. They help me to express myself, to show the world who I am without saying a word... Yes, my big wish is to work in fashion industry.

Are you a trend follower or do you stick to your personal style?
I follow trends but always stick to my personal style and listen to myself. I know what suits me best and I always choose clothes that make my figure look good, make me feel comfortable, and most important self-confident.

What are your favourite trends this season?
This season I must say neon and floral trend are big "MUST" in my closet. I was never so excited about mixing those two trends together and I just can't get enough of them.

Big name labels or high street steals? or a mix? Which is important for you?
I won't deny. My favourite label is Chanel, but in my opinion good taste just can't be bought by wearing expensive clothes only.

It's all about combining affordable ones and then add a little touch of elegance: a piece of jewelry or bag that pops out and makes your outfit unique.
The real success is when you buy affordable clothes and YOU transform them into high fashion.
Thanks Karin ! Karin is a relatively new blogger so show her some love and visit her blog by clicking here
you won't be disappointed.
That's all for now,
Let me know your thoughts
Love Dani xx


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