Tuesday, 6 March 2012

No Maps, No Backpacks, It's all about the shoes !

I love to travel and next to fashion I'd say it's probably one of my favourite things to do. It allows me to discover new places while picking up unique,local treasures to bring back home and flaunt, to the envy of my H&M clad friends, (that's right, shopping is never far from my agenda). But I have always found the best finds when guided by the knowledge of a local.

I have just finished reading The Holiday Goddess Handbag guide to Paris, London, New York and Rome. (One of the reasons I picked it up was a shock that someone has choosen Rome instead of Milan, finally someone understands me! ) Edited by Jessica Adams and Illustrated by Anna Johnson, The Holiday Goddess guide was 'born in a handbag' and is a compiliation of scribbled notes by Jessica herself, along with the incredibly fashionable people she met on her travels.

The book is written in a funny and light hearted tone, offering insider secrets from chiconomical (I LOVE this word!) boutique hotels to vintage markets. Forget the airport gift shop, this book has all the tips on the best buys to bring home.

Along with that each city has elected a fashion Icon, with whom to look at the city. In Paris its Coco Chanel, London is Vivienne Westwood, New York is Jackie 'O and Rome is Audrey Hepburn.

My feet definitely began to get itchy reading about the boulangeries and sugary macaroons of Paris, afternoon tea in London, gourmet street cuisine in New York and the heart stirring coffee in Rome.
Along with foodie advice, the book also suggests you look out for some of the cult fashion brands you may or may not have heard of. This is a great way to find a new designer you love and an original fashion piece to add to your collection.

Some of the must haves in Paris include vintage Christian Dior turbans, macaroons from Ladurèe, half empty designer perfume bottles, the typical knotted silk scarf and the ever so chic french boater.
While in London the must haves were Marks and Spencer undies ( click here for an extract from the book on this topic), a guide on the London underground and how to do afternoon tea.
In New York it's all about the sample sale, the Village Voice, Tiffanys, Victoria Secret and N.Y.C.'s BOND perfume.
 In Rome down your espresso (like a local at the bar), enjoy before dinner drinks at aperitivo, browse the vintage shops for vintage Valentino (preferably white, circa 1968), Fendi baguettes, Salvatore Ferragamo scarves and Elsa Schiaparelli perfume boxes.
A great read for those who travel in the mind and those who can travel in reality. Get a copy for yourself and/ or a friend, at least then you can avoid any future dodgy airport souvenirs
Let me know your thoughts
Love as always,
Dani xx
Click here for the website with more information on travel and the book

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