Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Australian Fashion Week 2011

                                        Lover- Collection Spring/Summer 2011/2012

 Romance was Born- The Oracle collection, which drew inspiration from the "beauty and decadence of the 20s" while also paying homage to The Never Ending Story.

          Therese Rawthorne - collection that paid tribute to Twin Peaks.

Forget Paris, Milan, New York  or even London, I am more interested to see what our Aussie friends have cooked up for Spring/Summer 2011/12. Thats right, while we are only just beginning to exfoliate, moisturise and fake tan ourselves for those summer whites, the Aussies have already planned on whats hot for next summer.
Honestly I am not clued in on the Australian fashion scene and I definitely am not familiar with their designers, but I think that makes it more exciting. The not knowing what to expect. Above are my favourite pictures from Australian labels, Therese Rawthorne, Lover and Romance was Born on day two of Fashion Week.

But it was designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand that stole my heart with their new colletion for Lover.
Model's sashed down the run way in dresses of intricate lace detailing and flowing fabric. It seemed all very 1920's with the model's hair sleeked back with a bold red lip and there was in touch of androgony with a few delicate dresses being paired with masculine taliored smoking jackets. The colours were limited to reds, beiges, whites, and blacks.
The designer's were said to have been inspired by Chinese Mythology The White Serpent and the beauty of romance "tempered by tragedy".

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