Thursday, 17 February 2011

Karl Lagerfeld exhibiton, Rome update

I finally managed to find sometime to go and visit the Lagerfeld exhibiton in Chiostro del Bramante and I was not disappointed !
The exhibition began with some editorial photographs by Lagerfeld, it then progressed on to a mixture of celebrity portraits, Roy Lichtenstein inspired art and then campaigns shot for Chanel and Fendi.
As I walked from room to room it was hard to imagine that only one person was the artist/creator of all these works as some seemed completely opposite.

Dark and shadowy photographs were featured of the beautiful city that is Paris along with some blurry photographs/paintings (it was hard to tell).

The top level of the exhibition featured more violent images and a video of an almost naked man writhing on the floor.
One of the best collections, for me, was his collection of photographs of models dressed, or not dressed more like, as mythological characters. One included muse Julianne Moore.
Here are some of the works featured:

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