Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How to sleep in style: Audrey Hepburn




Men's Tuxedo shirt

Mary Green this is my favourite !

Anyone who puts any effort into looking their best in the morning, knows the feeling of kicking off those heels after a long day/night and reaching straight for those comfy (but probably not so attractive) "house" clothes, or as my boyfriend likes to call them, "chubby" clothes !
"I feel so comfortable with you" is a key phrase, that while suggests the healthy progression of a relationship, also means "I feel so comfortable with you that there is an miniature Amazonian forrest growing on my legs!"

So maybe this too comfortable? Not limited to just nightwear, sweat pants, Ugg boots and even those house slippers with funny teddy's on the front...".if only your blog readers could see you now he says ?!"

I am by no means an earlier riser, and even talking can be prohibited at times. So when I wake up I resemble more of a wild beast (rudely) awoken after hibernation. Dishevelled hair (no where near the elegance of Kate Moss's Bed Head look), traces of yesterday's mascara (yes I know it's a sin beauty bloggers !) and some kind of printed pyjama top with a cuddly animal on it (see essential Christmas gifts, thanks mum !).

When I think of how I would like too look upon waking I immediately think of Audrey Hepburn, as Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffanys. There is a scene in the movie where she is (rudely) waken by a knock at the door. She is wearing a turquoise sleep mask, embellished with gold eyelashes, resembling sleeping eyes. She has tasselled ear plugs and throws on a men's tuxedo shirt, that has been strewn on the floor from the night before.

It should be an easy look to pull off, right ? Well in theory, yes, but the key to Hepburn's look is actually Holly's lifestyle in the movie. Sleep mask see; I have to sleep during the day because I have a fabulous party to attend at night. Ear plugs see; I do not want to be disturbed, as I must get some shut eye to look fabulous for my next outing and the men's shirt, well it's more a case of finders keepers.

However this look is not unachievable as I have found some places selling the sleep mask and ear plugs replicas from the movie. The men's tuxedo shirt is more difficult. You may have to invest in one, as I can't imagine your boyfriend/husband/father/brother/lover being too happy about you floating around in his "good" shirt, after all he probably only has the one !

What are you tips for sleeping/lounging in style ? or are your stylish moments strictly limited to outside the house ?

That's all for now,
Love Dani xx


  1. OMG...THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE....i can watch it all day!! Her fashion in EVERY scene was IMPECCABLE

    1. Agreed ! I love this movie too and I have to say one of the reasons is the style ! I loved that party she threw, the sixties look of both the men and women was great ! xx

  2. Ooh this is too great! I'm a HUGE Audrey fan and I just love Breakfast At Tiffany's.. So iconic.. and yes the "chubby clothes" are not my best look!

    1. Thanks Hope ! Re the chubby clothes, we are all allowed a day off....right ?? xx